Alumier, from the word illuminate.
1. To make clear or bright
2. To enlighten or share knowledge
Pronunciation: a-loom-ee-yay em dee


AlumierMD create products that are socially responsible, clinically tested and free from over 1,300 substances banned by the E.U., F.D.A and Health Canada.

They call this our commitment to Clean Science.


AlumierMD scientists select cutting-edge, medical-grade active ingredients in concentrations that increase product efficacy.

Clinical testing ensures exceptional results in correcting a variety of skin conditions and concerns.


AlumierMD are a true physician dispensed skincare brand that believes in the power of our professionals.

They know that the most effective route to skin health is a 360-degree approach, involving treatment plans and homecare products delivered with the expertise of a trusted professional.

Award winning products.

AlumierMD™ is an award-winning medical-grade skincare brand dedicated to helping those with a variety of different skin condition and concerns.Formulated using clean science to be prescription strength, AlumierMD skincare products can only be bought following a free consultation with a member of our team.Taking the skincare world by storm, AlumierMD is founded on three core values that make their products stand out: clean, corrective and committed.All AlumierMD products are clinically tested and free from over 1,300 substances banned by the EU, F.D.A and Health Canada. With this, you can feel reassured that your skin will be in good hands.

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Sheer Hydration Broad Spectrum SPF 40 (Untinted)

‍Best sunscreen from Best Health Editor Choice 2019 awards. A sheer, moisturising, 100% physical, broad-spectrum facial sunscreen.

Eye Rescue Pads

Best Eye Product from Tatler 2021 awards. Visibly improves fine lines and puffiness under the eyes.

EverActive C&E™ + Peptide

Best Vitamin C from Marie Claire 2021, Best Wrinkle Treatment from Fashion Beauty for All Awards.

A potent, clinically validated, antioxidant serum to reduce the visible signs of ageing. A unique delivery system ensures the 15% vitamin C complex is always optimally active.


Best Eye Treatment from Fashion 2017 awards. A rich eye cream that significantly improves the appearance of dark circles, fine lines and puffiness.

The Cleanse

To achieve healthy and clear skin, it's crucial to cleanse your skin thoroughly in the morning and evening.

Morning cleansing eliminates toxins, bacteria, and oil, while nighttime cleansing removes irritants like pollution and pollens.

Before application of any skincare product, clean your skin properly; else the specialist skincare product will sit on top of dirt and grime rather than penetrating the skin.

For dry skin, use Hydraboost containing vitamin E. If you have oily skin, consider using Purifying Gel Cleanser. Get rid of post-cleanse tight feeling skin with our expert skincare advice.

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The Treat

Discover the perfect products for your skincare routine with the help of our experienced team.

Monitor your skin throughout the day for hints on how to improve its health.

If it looks patchy at lunchtime, you may need more hydration.

Red areas suggest sensitised skin, which can result from trying too many products. Combat these issues with our Ultimate Boost Serum.

Its smooth application provides the hydration your skin needs to combat dry patches and overproduction of oil, leaving your skin flawless all day long..

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The Sunscreen

Protect your skin by joining the SPF Everyday Club and shielding yourself against harmful UVA rays that can damage skin cells, causing premature wrinkles, pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

Even on cloudy days, UVA rays prevail. While UVB rays cause sunburn, a broad-spectrum sunscreen is essential for protection against both. Try our micronized zinc oxide and titanium dioxide physical sunscreens that provide non-greasy protection from both UVA and UVB rays without absorption into the body. With six different varieties, you can easily find one you love, from ultra-lightweight, oil-free Clear Shield SPF42 to super-hydrating Sheer Hydration SPF40, including tinted versions for radiant coverage. Don't forget to apply generously before heading out for youthful, glowing skin!

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Our Testimonials

Can’t honestly say a bad word about Hannah or my experience! Reiterating what everyone else has said thus far, very professional and friendly. I’ve had my lips done twice now with Hannah, they look amazing and just super natural (she enhances your natural features not just makes everyone look the same)! Cannot emphasise enough how much I recommend, won’t be going anywhere else for sure!

Asha Soanes

Hannah is amazing. Professional, meticulous with her actions and explains everything as she goes.Hannah has a calming personality and makes you feel comfortable in the care within minutes. Wouldn’t go to anyone else.

Bex Fordham

I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my lip filler! Hannah was amazing, really put me at ease and talked me through step my step what she was doing. Can’t wait for my top up!

Hattie Tooke

Hannah is so kind and welcoming! Made me feel so at ease and talked me through everything that was going on. I had my old lip filler (not done by hannah) dissolved and refilled. Super happy with my results and would highly recommend

Laura Fisher

I have received a few beauty treatments with Hannah in Newmarket. She is very knowledgeable, efficient and makes you feel as ease with all treatments she offers. I can’t wait to return for more! Highly recommend!  😁

Hannah is an excellent professional with deep knowledge and amazing skills. I am very happy with the treatment and I honestly suggest Hannah to other people.

Debbie Romiou

Hannah is so lovely and knowledgable, gave great advice and after my appointment she recommended what would work best for my face!

Jen Bidwell