At Hannah's Medical Aesthetics, we offer cutting-edge Cryotherapy treatments, a safe and effective solution for addressing various skin lesions.

Cryotherapy, also known as cold therapy, harnesses the power of liquid nitrogen or nitrous oxide to eliminate unsightly skin concerns. By freezing the intercellular fluid, Cryotherapy breaks down cell membranes, permanently removing the targeted cells.

Our Cryotherapy treatments are ideal for those seeking non-invasive lesion removal without surgery or extended downtime. Whether you're dealing with warts, skin tags, age spots, or other benign lesions, Cryotherapy provides a quick and precise solution to rejuvenate your skin, enhance its texture, and restore your confidence.

Our experienced practitioners specialise in personalised Cryotherapy treatments. During your consultation, we assess your specific skin concerns, ensuring a customised treatment plan that caters to your unique needs and goals.

Experience the benefits of Cryotherapy at Hannah's Medical Aesthetics and say goodbye to unsightly skin lesions, welcoming a more confident you.

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Why Choose

Effective Lesion Removal

Cryotherapy utilises an ultra-cold jet of high-pressure liquefied nitrous oxide (N2O) to precisely target and destroy lesions while preserving the surrounding healthy tissue, ensuring accurate and efficient removal.

Minimal Risk

Cryotherapy treatments come with minimal associated risks. Any potential side effects, such as pigmentary changes, nerve sensitivity (especially in sensitive areas), or temporary hair follicle adjustments, are generally minor and manageable, delivering maximum benefits with minimal inconvenience.

Tailored Treatment

We understand that each individual is unique, and so are their skin concerns. Our Cryotherapy treatments are entirely personalized to meet your specific needs. During your initial consultation, we'll discuss your concerns, assess your skin's condition, and design a treatment plan tailored just for you.

What to Expect During Your Cyrotherapy

The Cryotherapy Procedure

During your Cryotherapy session, you'll experience the power of ultra-cold nitrous oxide as our practitioner precisely targets and eliminates your benign skin lesions.

The procedure is quick, accurate, and designed to preserve surrounding healthy tissue.

After Your Cryotherapy Treatment

One of the significant benefits of Cryotherapy is minimal downtime. You can resume your regular activities right after the procedure, although it's best to avoid makeup application to the treated area for a short period.

Follow-Up and Results

Optimal results may require multiple Cryotherapy sessions, depending on the specific lesion and your skin. Our practitioner will discuss the recommended number of sessions during your consultation. With time, your skin will naturally regenerate, revealing a smoother, rejuvenated complexion.

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